"You Deserve It" Program

My name is Monika Waszczuk and I am the proud owner of “Sell It 2 Wear It” since May 5th, 2019. I am excited to launch my new program that will help many people feel really good about themselves, build their confidence and self-esteem! With my consistent support and my passion for being a personal stylist, wardrobe specialist and colour analysis specialist, together we could reach your goals and dreams of a positive change in your life by joining my new program called “YOU DESERVE IT”!

The launch of this new program “YOU DESERVE IT” is designed for people who want to make a change in their lifestyle! If you are ready for a change to make yourself feel more loved, beautiful and be happier in life then you are in the right place for this to happen!

This is your first step in taking charge of yourself by joining this new program called “YOU DESERVE IT” in order to reach your goal to feel confident and great about yourself every day! This journey will be a life transition that will make you feel worthy and good about yourself daily. I, Monika Waszczuk will be walking with you by your side while you transition to make your dream goal come true!

To make this program successful we need to follow these steps:

1. Purchase one item of clothing from Sell It 2 Wear It that is one size smaller than what you are accustomed to wear. That’s right! Something that is ONE SIZE SMALLER! This item of clothing will be your WHY and ultimately one of your REWARDS for reaching your goal.

2. In order to achieve your dream, we must set a date for a timeline to make this happen. You will have the option to select 3 or 6 months to achieve your goal.

3. I will offer daily support and advice if needed. Communication is vital in order for this program to work! I have set up a private messenger group on Facebook where we all could communicate, support and learn from each other.

4. The messenger group on Facebook will only provide advice about eating healthy, having a balanced healthy life style and motivational quotes. Respecting each other and being supportive will help us achieve positive goals towards this program! It will not be subjected to any advertisements!

5. “You Deserve it” will also be offering a Life Coach Beata Kozierowska, who will be a part of the program.

6. Once you reach your goal, you will be rewarded by receiving a FREE Professional Makeover and a Professional Photoshoot with our own photographer! Your hard work will pay off and you will not only feel but look very good, sexy, powerful, beautiful and you will love yourself even more for your great accomplishments!

7. If you are serious and ready to change your lifestyle, please contact myself, Monika by calling 289 244 7055 or e-mailing monika.waszczuk1@gmail.com. We will discuss in person your specific plan and how to reach that goal!Payment will also be discussed and be made prior to the start of the program or on the first day you begin the program. E-transfers could be made to monika.waszczuk1@gmail.com .

If this is something that resonates with you, please contact me and we can discuss further your participation in the program.
Looking forward in changing to live a positive lifestyle!

Only I Can Change My Life, No One Can Do It For Me!!!

Client Agreement

I agree to the terms of the conditions in this program.

I agree not to take any legal actions against this program for not achieving my goal.

I agree to pay monthly fees of $50 for the program.

I agree join the program for 3 months program _______________

I agree to join the program for 6 months _____________________

Client signature ____________

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You Deserve It Program