Personal Stylist

I am personal stylist for everyday individuals who want to overhaul their closets and upgrade their day-to-day looks. Many individuals never wear the majority of the clothes they own - repeating the same pieces again and again.

I can also help you to put together outfits for different occasions, whether it be a job interview or a night out on the town. Personal stylist can also give advice about what clothing to get rid of and which ones should be kept in your wardrobe.

I can also help you with the following: wardrobe organization, shopping guidance, and personal colour analysis.

What Can A Styling Expert Do For You?

Gain Confidence
When you get dressed each day get a boost instead of feeling drained.

Take Control
You can make a lasting impact on the way other people perceive you.

Know Your Body
And how to find clothes that fit the body instead of forcing your body to fit the clothes.

Greater Success
The impression you make & the confidence you gain build toward lasting success.

Save Money
The most expensive items in your wardrobe are the ones you don't wear.

Take The Pain Out of Shopping
Do you hate shopping? It's much easier & more fun with someone who knows how to shop.

More Efficient
Know how to make best use of each item in your wardrobe for greater effect & efficiency.

Express Yourself
Don't feel like your clothes really represent who you are? Find your personalized style!

Meet me to discuss your needs and style preferences so that I can select the perfect pieces for you.

30 min initial consultation - Free
3 hours session - $360