About Sell it 2 Wear it

My name is Monika Waszczuk and I am the owner of the Sell it 2 Wear it Inc. which was established in 2019. I’ve always loved to dress up and I was always choosing different clothes than anybody else. Popular fashion trends didn’t interest me and I was wearing what I felt comfortable in. I am Polish and Polish women like to dress well, so that gave me an idea. I was invited to a very large event which was supposed to be attended by 300 Polish women. The very same day of the event I was also invited to my friend's birthday. I was wondering what I could wear without changing my clothes that will be suitable for the big event and small birthday gathering.

That night changed everything!

Both events were very successful and I received huge amounts of compliments on my outfit. I will never forget that night! I couldn’t wait to get home and start to plan my new adventure!
I wanted to help women recycle clothes they didn’t wear anymore and at the same time give
them an opportunity to buy something different that will freshen their wardrobe.

This is how the idea of selling used things was created. The only question was how to make it happen? As it happens a friend of mine rented a space for herself at that time and in a split second I decided to do the same. I registered my company, found a great location and asked my friends for donations. On May 6, 2019 I brought my kids clothes hangers and my laptop to the store. I remember the look on my children's faces when I told them I'm going to run a shop. They probably thought that it’s just another of my crazy ideas. As I asked them to help me paint the walls they knew that I was really serious.

Today I am so grateful to them because they are my greatest supporters. They know that in order for my business to work I need to spend many hours at my shop.
I am so proud of myself for the confidence I have in my ability to make my dream a success.
In the 2 years I have owned the store I’m still learning and gaining experience on how to be the best that I can be and how to give the best service for my clients.

We offer services for men and women in all demographics.

Our services includes:

Personal Stylist
Wardrobe Consultation & Reorganization
Personal Shopper in person and online
Gift Cards