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Consignor Agreement

Sell it 2 Wear it is delighted that you have decided to Consign your personal items with us!


All Terms and Conditions set out within this Agreement must be met and honoured before we can process any of your items on Consignment.


1.  Upon receiving your items a maximum of 10 at one time, we will evaluate the condition, style, age and marketability of each item. To ensure a successful sale, we will determine the best price point for your items based on what we believe our customers would pay for them.


2. All clothing must be clean and in good condition to be accepted.  If an item is Dry Clean only, or if your item is of a high end quality, this must be indicated on the Agreement.  Upon receipt, such item(s) will be labeled accordingly for customer awareness upon purchasing.


3. As a Consignee with Sell it 2 Wear it, an account will be opened for your items.  This account will be the responsibility of the Consignee to keep track of all your  items and the expiry dates. Each item will have their own SKU number for easy tracking.  This account will provide you with access at any time to keep track of your items and the expiry dates by logging in.


4. Your Consignment period lasts for a full 3 months from the date this Agreement is signed.  The Pay Out Amount for per item will be 40% of the Final Sale Price at the end of your Consignment Term as follows:


a) The final selling price may vary from the estimated selling price. Items are marked down 25% after 30 days in inventory and by 50% after 60 days in inventory.  These reductions are due to sale promotions, length of time in boutique, type of item, and general competitive retail market.

Void this Clause _____


b) If there is only one item on your account, Pay Out off 40% of the Final Selling Price will be Paid Out within 7 days after the sale date in the form of a cheque from Sell it to Wear it.  Payment must be picked up in person by the Consignee.


c) If there are more than one item on your account, Pay Out of 40% of the Final Selling Price per item will be Paid Out as one payment at the end of your Consignment Period in the form of a cheque from Sell it 2 Wear it.  Payment must be picked up in person by the Consignee.


d) It is the Consignees responsibility to inquire if the Final Payout cheque is ready for pick up if Sell it 2 Wear it does not communicate via email or telephone to inform that payment is ready for pickup.

e) Any unsold items at the end of the Consignment Period will be returned to the Consignee and must be picked up by the Consignee within 7 days after the Consignment Period ends.


f) If unsold items are not picked up by the Consignee within 7 days after the Consignment Period ends without written consent to extend the pick up date, the unsold items will become the property of Sell it 2 Wear it Boutique or will be donated to charity.


g) The Consignee may donate any unsold items to Sell it 2 Wear it Boutique.  Sell it 2 Wear it will have the authority to place the item for sale at a different price or donate the item to Charity.


       h) Replacement of lost cheques will be subject to a $35.00 fee for administration/stop payment fees. We do not offer cash payments.

5.  Consigned items remain the Consignees property until they are sold or returned. If you wish to reclaim any unsold items before the Consignment Period ends, you may do so with 48 hours notice in advance. There will be a 20% Service Charge per item of the original determined sale price for marketing your item(s).


6.  The Consignee is responsible for the delivery and pick up of items to and from the store. Please make sure that you have assistance for delivering or picking up to and from your vehicle.


7.  The Consignee consents for Sell it 2 Wear it, to display, photograph, advertise or market in social medias, any or all items on Consignment.



I confirm, that I have read this Agreement and fully understand and agree to all the terms and conditions. I also understand that this is a legal contract and that I will be held accountable for abiding to it.



Date Of Consignment : _______________Consignment Ends:________________

First Name:_______________________Contact:_______________________


Email Address:__________________________________________________

Sell it 2 Wear it Account:___________________________________________

SKU No. per Item: 1_________                                                                                                     2_________

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(Dry Clean Only Items or High End Items are highlighted)

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